Embrace Who You Are

My weekly recommendations from StumbleUpon contained a link to a website centered in Buddhism. The article I read was called 6 Questions That Will Make You Feel Peaceful and Complete, with a site sub-title of ‘simple wisdom for complex lives’. Life often seems very complicated doesn’t it? Well this article has given me 5 minutes to reflect and (furthering my meditation evening yesterday) find rest within myself. To deepen the sense that embracing who I am as an individual is not only what God wants for me, but is key to growing in life. Have a read. Remember how beautiful you are as a unique soul, how loved you are, and how happiness lies first of all with loving yourself. You do not need to travel long distances or go on quests to discover who you are. Simply avoid giving into conformist pressures. Look in the mirror, and listen to the still small voice within yourself… smiling…

The Buddha implied that the antidote to the unwholesome expressed inside us is our connection to heart. Whether you realize it or not, your heart is full, alive, and radiant.

So ask: What if whatever lives and breathes inside my heart is more than enough?

Return to your heart to discover what you need. Place the pain, the anxiety, the doubt, as well as the love, compassion, and appreciative joy for others right in the center of your chest.

What you need is already beating loudly inside of you.

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