God’s Art

Poem: God’s Art by Amos Whitney

A ray of colour, palette in hand
Forever sweats mortal man
To emulate, to make exact.
The feelings come alive
Reaching to be recognized
For all the world to see
Only after he’s gone does e achieve
The fame of what he tried to be.
He was a genius, it is a masterpiece
The critics proclaim aloud
Too little, too late to appreciate,
For he’s not with us now.

If wisdom was a canvas,
An eternity to paint,
Then the universe is the masterpiece
Of how God sees and thinks.
And right before us we observed
The greatest art of all.
A sky of blue, a carpet green,
Sequoias standing tall.
A variety of every kind,
Colour within man,
A kaleidoscope across the sky
Painted by God’s hand.

Stop. Look. Let it soak
Within your mind and heart.
Or must the Creator also die,
Before you appreciate His art.

I’m very happy to have found this poem today. The Youtube description reads:

Man usually only honors an artist and finds value in their work only after they’re dead. It’s sad that the greatest artist of all doesn’t recieve the praise he deserves. No one will deny a painter paints a picture or a sculptor creates a statue, but they find it easy to dismiss the beauty and complexity of the art right in front of their eyes.

The poem really encourages us to take notice of creation, of beauty all around us.


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