Exams Approaching

Re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (no.3) this evening I felt slightly better when I was reminded that even in the wizarding world full of possibility and inspiring theology, the characters have to revise like me…

Even the weather seemed to be celebrating; as June approached, the days became cloudless and sultry, and all anybody felt like doing was strolling into the grounds and flopping down on the grass with several pints of iced pumpkin juice, perhaps playing a casual game of Gobstones or watching the giant squid propel itself dreamily across the surface of the lake.
But they couldn’t. The exams were nearly upon them, and instead of lazing around outside, the students were forced to remain inside the castle, trying to bully their brains into concentrating while enticing wafts of summer air drifted in through the windows.

June’s approaching, and tonight even cleaning my room and standing outside in the pouring rain in a t-shirt seem more appealing than reading The Pentecontaetia one more time. With all that’s going on, I’m getting rather stressed. But some time with my guitar, my piano, my iPod, Choral Evensong on BBC3, reading, spaces for stillness and hugs from friends, are all thankfully keeping me going.

Neither me nor any of my friends in college seem to be ready for these exams. But I hope dearly that my weeks of “bullying my brain” are going to pay off… and thank God for the summer holidays!

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