Thomas Moore: Being Present

Thomas Moore in his book ‘Original Self’…

Being present to the life that presses upon us, does not mean simply being alert and full of consciousness. Surrenduring to a daydream or a memory may be a way of being engaged with the present. Drifting into reverie might bring us to the full immediacy of the moment, which may be properly focused on invisible things. Turned inward, we might be completely present, and conversely, being wide awake to life might be a distraction, and to the soul, a kind of sleep.
The principle of being present to life is also complicated by the soul’s odd sense of time, so different from the literal measurements of the clock and calender. The soul exists in cycles of time, full of repetition, and it has equal portions of flowing temporality and static eternity. Responsive to the soul, we may easily drift out of literal life several times a day to revisit people and places of the past or to imagine the future.

…daydreaming, musing, remembering, imagining…

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