Cloud Bridges

Undecided weather (as always in England!) meant that at one point it was raining (during a Psychology lesson especially) and the next moment glorious sunshine was shining through home’s window as I settled down for a coffee and a gaze at the clouds in the sky.

I love to look at the sky. The patterns in the clouds. The shades of blue, the changing formations. When I look at the sky I see God. I see light. I see the heavens. I hear the world around me changing in each moment. I alike most of the human population have always dreamed of flying. And I love to watch the birds soar and imagine myself doing it one day in the next life, or in this in a metaphorical sense at least!

Today the clouds looked like bridges. Connecting me and the earthly world to everything transcendental. The bridges in the clouds make me feel as though I am joined to the heavens, even for the briefest of moments, simply because I open myself and let go and let serenity (God’s glorious peace) shine through me and in me and recognize it around me.

Today the clouds looked like bridges, lined in a sea of deep blue, of possibility.

I’m rather philosophical. But I love to see God’s beauty and find connections in every day whenever the opportunity arises…

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One Response to Cloud Bridges

  1. Thank you! We are kindred spirits! I have a photo I took during a thunderstorm that I rarely show anyone because I don’t want them to spoil it for me. It was a glorious God moment for me as I watch the sudden dark clouds come fast onto a blue sky and nearly cover the amazing sunshine and it seemed to me at that moment that I was more aware of God’s amazing splendor than ever as I thought of how beautiful it all was AND of the fact that even when the darkness in our day to day living keeps us from seeing Him, we can be assured of His presense and if we really look for Him, we’ll see His brightness shining around the dark clouds and begin to break through them to reach us!

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