Primary School Pirate

When I was about 5 I started going cross-eyed and ended up with an eye-patch. “Primary School Pirate” for a little while, and then to “four-eyed bookworm”. I’m proud of both titles! I used to sit under oak trees in the summer in quiet corners of the school field with all sorts, including Winnie the Pooh and (who’d have guessed) Harry Potter!

One of the things I find most amusing in myself when looking back is remembering my tenacity, which I find I still have! We used to have a reading diary each year (although I had several more than most) and our bookshelves were colour-coded in different ‘bands of ability’. The most able in our teacher’s eyes would read the red while the least able in her eyes would read the blue. In my first year within the colour-coded system, I was given the band of yellow. Now I was not happy. Yet I didn’t argue. I instead came up with a very cunning plan. I read every single yellow book so that she would have no choice but to let me read red ones! Oh I was a determined (and slightly mischievous) youngster.

I’ve been thinking back tonight because I’ve begin to find I need to wear my glasses more often again. But I’ve been somewhat hesitant of late to accept that I need my glasses and to wear them. Perhaps it’s because I’m more self-conscious than I was back then!

And yet if I wear my glasses again when I’m supposed and listen to my opticians, I don’t get the headaches, my eyes are not as tired, and it becomes easier for me to concentrate. But since I started wearing my glasses in public again for reading and such, I’ve been getting only positive feedback. And I’m beginning to love them again, like I did my walking stick last year. They’re a part of me. I embrace that!

They help me to see more clearly and enjoy life. It’s important to look after yourself. Sometimes we don’t want to have to do certain things, but in the end they help us. Wearing my glasses helps me to be physically healthier! And studying helps us students to get into a good university we like to get our degree and is a help to head off in the right direction. I’m beginning to listen to myself more and more as time goes by, when I realise that perseverance really does pay off (even if I don’t always want to admit or accept it!).

So persevere with the things that seem a nuisance. They’re worth it. But make sure you take a break too if you can. We all need both work and play in life. We’d get bored if we only had one of them, and the world wouldn’t function! Persevere my exam and working friends, and I’ll persevere with you.

‘And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.’ Galatians 6:9 (ESV)

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