Time for Coffee

A busy morning at work in the health centre a few villages away today. I hadn’t been to work for 10 days, and had left with 2 shelves of notes to sort. When I came back today I was greeted warmly and ushered to an array of notes that had me literally speechless. Help! my boss said. 5 crammed shelves tower above me, with papers spilling off the sides, held in place by elastic bands and paper-clips. 10 days! Oh dear. Stuttering in my bewildered state I asked how on earth it had happened. My colleagues laughed and smiled as I stood open-mouthed in shock. No idea.

Great. Haha! With exploding shelves I worked quickly, thankfully managing to clear a whole shelf of urgents with a personal record of 13 envelopes filled in 3 and a quarter hours. Tired, I stumbled onto my 90 minute bus journey for college in the afternoon, walking from Marple village to the college with Ellie, and then slumping into my chair beside Heather for an hour of Classical Civilization, and beside Jess for an hour of Psychology.

But (thank God) I found time for coffee and a restful pause for sitting in the quiet today, as I stepped off the early arriving college bus into my village this afternoon. Picking up a few bits and pieces, I stopped off at Simply Books to pick up a recent order (Looking for God in Harry Potter – John Granger) and enjoyed a hot cup of milky coffee and a delicious biscuit to give me energy on my walk back (although I ended up getting a bus to travel two stops down the road as a cheat :P).

Typing up notes today, but bed soon for me I hope, or else…

… that happened to me once before. I had been staying at a dear friend’s house at the time, and I think it amused her parents when they walked into the room early in the morning to find my head on the desk and my friend asleep next to me on the floor sat up with her head resting against the drawers behind her. Amusing I’m sure, but hopefully not to be repeated any time soon!

Goodnight fellow bloggers and guests!

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