Last Minute


I woke up at 11am this morning after an 11 hour sleep last night and a two hour nap yesterday. I was exhausted after my 7th church service of the week (can’t imagine what it’s like for the priests but I may find out one day), but thankfully I’ve woken up now! Although it hasn’t been the funnest day to wake up to…

Started the day with a little television, a little quiet reading (and exploring Rowling’s Philosophy :)), and then after a few nibbles I sat down to go through an essay for religious studies. I finished it and then realised I had to sort through several files and order them, as well as unfortunately discovering two full booklets of questions that need answering for Psychology for tomorrow morning. And two Classical Civilization pieces to write for Thursday. And exam practices spread out over the next fortnight. This should be interesting.

I’m not normally one for last minute work, but I’ve been getting a bit fed up with it all recently. I’ve enjoyed my Easter break: two weeks of sun-bathing, reading, music and church life has been brilliant. I haven’t been so relaxed in a long time, albeit it a little worn out. What I’d love now is a holiday amongst the trees! I’ve always loved the countryside.

But I’m still here, with a mountain of papers to sort out for tomorrow and the coming weeks. I don’t regret spending my Easter taking a break from college work though. I’ve grown and discovered more about life, even if I have discovered less about Ancient Greek politics and Philip Larkin’s depressing ways of hating the world.

I know I’m going to have to work hard to catch up. But I haven’t rested this much in quite a long time. My timing wasn’t great… but I’m happy to have taken a break from work for a while, and just been myself in homely environments.

Remember to rest. Every now and then we need to let go of our troubles and just learn to be. It makes life much more enjoyable! But only if we remember that we have to get back to reality in the end, and find moments within reality to be. I’d like to spend the next weeks in the Lakes or Canada or simply in church or with friends, living the life of dreams. But that would mean I had become seperate from the world. And as much as we’d sometimes like not to be, we do need to be a part of it. To take on responsibility and to, well, to grow up. Growing up with God is a bit of a nuisance sometimes, but I’m beginning to understand what it really means…

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