I’ve spent a lot of time the past few days and weeks meditating and thinking of Jesus’ life and vision. Today I’ve spent three inspiring, emotional hours in St Michaels & All Angels “At The Foot of The Cross”, with spaces of deep stillness, as well as a two hour poetry discussion and a 45 minute theological discussion on the meaning of Jesus’ life and death and church beliefs. The last few hours of the day I’ve spent outside in my garden: resting, meditating, sun-bathing, reading, listening to music, and listening to the birdsong. A beautiful robin stopped next to me and chirped long enough for me to say hello and sing a little song back.

This year’s Good Friday has been a deep reminder of what Jesus did. What Christ (“the anointed”) did and does for us. His vision, he was willing to die for. To be crucified for. His vision of love, peace and unity between all people, has changed my life. And other lives. And more lives to come. And what beautiful potential we have.

Our Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, recently described Easter as the time when we celebrate the arrival of all things new. We are remembering Jesus’ death, and resurrection. And most recently for me, the arrival of an ability to put together a perfect, tasty jacket potato with cheese and beans in the microwave (even if I did forget I was baking bread in the oven and found it blackened much later)! New things are coming. Growing. We must have patience, we must help bring the world together, we must love one another as Jesus has loved us. The arrival of a world of unity? I hope it is not too far away. Pray for it with me. Remember it in every day.

Praise to the Holiest in the height, and in the depth be praise: in all his words most wonderful, most sure in all his ways…

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