I Have A Dream

What is yours?

My immediate thought upon finding this photograph is of Martin Luther King’s speech. I remember when we were asked to write our own in primary school when I was small. And everyone’s featured love and peace. To be so youthful (and therefore adorably naive) I find is to be free from the knowledge of the world’s judgements and hardships, to be innocent, to be holy. Children are so special in that sense. They do not understand hurt. We must learn from them. We all remember The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. All should be loved.

What is your dream?

We all have our own dreams. Dreams of life and afterlife. But we all have a shared dream as well. I shared dream of unity. Of freedom. Of love. Let’s join together in this dream, which I believe to be God’s dream, Jesus’ vision, the Kingdom of God, and bring it a little closer in each day, to awakening not only in our lives, but in the lives of the whole world…

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