24 Pounds and 72 Pence

My mum got me a £20 top-up for my mobile today.

And it’s never been more confusing!

With my new mobile I found myself unable to work out the buttons and the touch screen and the keypad numbers to press whilst making a call. You know those irritating lines where you call the cinema to book a film and it misunderstands everything you say? You ask for Alice and Wonderland and it thinks you said Transformers. It was like that. But with me I had to press different numbers and a hold button on the side of my phone to unlock it whilst dialing and then it timed out and then I typed it wrong and then I pressed green instead of yellow and then the automated voice shut me off after the third time of giving me instructions (somehow the computerized voice sounded desperate by this point)… oh blimey.

It was an adventurous twenty minutes. But I finally got my balance up to £24.72. A pound up for every minute of effort!

I can’t say I’m looking forward to next time, even though it was a rather amusing experience.

But as bewildered as I was I don’t know why it never occurred to me to pick up an instruction manual. Sometimes things are made really easy for us. The answers are right under our noses. The choice to be made is obvious. Life often simply requires us to be patient, to be willing to receive help and to listen to it, and to stop worrying about what we might look like. Maybe if I’d just asked my mum to help it would have been done on attempt no.1.

I’m glad to have found a reassuring photograph to encourage me for next time I have to endure this! I wonder what it’s like for those workers in the phone shops surrounded by people like me in situations such as this…

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