The Great Song

In church at 8am this morning. Light rain but warm sun, and quiet, the only sound that of birds singing, and then of the congregation joined together with creeds and prayers, the readings and the sermons, the sharing of peace and the stillness, the silence.

An early rise then, and after two hours of the official run-rounds for this year’s Mothering Sunday (seeing my mother, my mother’s mother and my father’s mother), I’m pretty worn out. We talked about vegetables, plants, television, Southport, buses, the census, primary school and all sorts.

And to see some dear friends too. Metaphorical mothers are just as much of a blessing, but they don’t always see it in themselves. They nurture us. We nurture one another. I have many mothers around me, especially, I have found, in the church, both female and male. And I’ve been told I’m a mother of sorts too. Metaphorical mothers – this day is for you too. Thankyou.

I enjoyed my time with my mother and grandmothers. But I’m happy to come back to the quiet now. Some peace, some stillness, some rest, some deeper presence felt throughout every fiber of my being. I thank God for it.

Song of the Week? The great song, the song of silence. Hear it. Listen.

“Listen deeply to the silence within”… don’t be afraid to look inwards…

Remember to Rest

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