Moments Of History

Watching 90210 a few weeks ago, Annie read out an extract from her essay…

History is largely told as a chronicle of great people doing great things. But, for most of us, life is not made up of big moments, it’s made up of small moments. And with every small choice, with every small decision, we are defining ourselves. Are we honest? Are we faithful? Are we proud of ourselves or are we disappointed by who we’ve become? Life rarely turns out the way that we’d planned. The unexpected happens, and it surprises us with new and exciting possibilities. But, sooner or later, reality hits you in the face.
My mother never imagined having to start over as a single mother with two grown kids, but when the unimaginable happened, she adapted, she found strength, she moved on. And I hope that when my life doesn’t go as I planned (which it certainly won’t), I can handle myself with the same grace and strength that my mother has taught me. She may not be an Olympic athlete or a world leader but my mom is definitely my hero.

We don’t often expect soap-type programmes to teach us things and speak to us. For example, watching Eastenders is to me a basic nightmare! The furthest you can get from an ideal society, with broken hearts, murders, drugs, teenage pregnancies… etc. But 90210 can be different! It certainly has it’s moments. A drama more than a soap. And something with a brilliant script-writer, and some truly great moments that really speak to you. 90210 is really good, and I watch it every week.

History is made up of small moments. The moment you first see someone. A single sentence someone says that stays fixed in your mind for the rest of your days. One word. One touch. One song. One look.

Some things really do stay with you. And when the unexpected happens, they keep you strong. And God gives us the strength and grace inbuilt and in gifts to help us to learn to love one another, and be open for the sharing of peace our world so desperately needs.

You don’t need to do something seemingly HUGE. Just a smile or a one-sentence compliment is a small action with a huge impact, that can transform someone’s day. You can give someone a moment of history, that will keep them strong and feeling good. Share the Love that God has given us. We’re meant to share it. To give and receive. The world is meant to exist in unity, an unbroken, undivided completeness, an equality. Just be yourself, and know that you are the beautiful being that God crafted you into. You are beautiful. Be someone’s history. And let someone else be yours. Be open to love. Don’t be afraid. Know that you are loved.

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