Sandy and Sooty

I’ve been making my friends in Religion class roll their eyes and laugh, although one smiles with me and is as interested as I am, calling it “sweet” and “adorable”. I’m glad!

Every day, on my way to college and on my way back on the bus journey, I drive past a field with two donkeys in it. One’s sandy coloured and one’s sooty coloured, and for the past couple of weeks I’ve caught 10 second glimpses of them each morning and afternoon. And now I’ve become so attached to them I’ve called them Sandy and Sooty and come up with a life story. Sandy is the girl and Sooty is the boy. They are very much in love.

Am I completely crackers? No! I am simply seeking beauty in all places. I look for beauty and love in everything around me, because of God’s glorious creation, God’s glorious intentions for a peaceful world, God’s glorious love encompassing everything. I believe that all we really need to do is open our eyes to it. And together, as a community, embrace it and share it. In these ten second glimpses I have seen so much beauty and been fascinated. One morning they stood in the middle of the field, standing close together, Sooty’s head leaning on Sandy’s neck, the sun shining down on them. A few days later with rain pouring down, the small shelter only had enough room to protect one of them. Sooty stood outside and Sandy stood under the shelter with her head leaning out to Sooty’s ear. The next day they were drinking out of the pool of water together. And the next they were eating carrots from some young guest visitors of the primary school nearby.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Sandy was stronger and fought for the shelter in the rain. Maybe Sooty was resting his head because he was tired or maybe the moment the bus turned the corner, Sandy shook him off. Maybe I interpreted it differently.

There are many ways to interpret things in life. Both stories of donkey romance and stories found in the Bible. There is depth that we don’t always see at first. There is a powerful Love in everything that God calls us to pay attention to and uproot for all to see. God is Love. It isn’t about finding the negatives and making everyone miserable. It isn’t about making terrible judgements or assumptions. It’s about being open to the love of God. To the love that we must share with one another. And that involves letting yourself get a little soppy. Letting your incredibly deep emotional lovely adored self within out and living the life you’ve been given.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Know that you are loved.

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2 Responses to Sandy and Sooty

  1. paul says:

    I am looking forward to a Mills and Boon novel of Sandy and Sooty. A lovely story, it is amazing what you see when you have the time on a bus or train to watch life go by.

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