I’m not afraid of much. I am afraid of daddy-long-legs, but then a lot of people are.
Yet one of my biggest fears, which I know is completely irrational, is The Aristocats. Yeah. The Disney film with all the singing animals. It’s certified a U. 3 year olds watch it and laugh. And me, a (very nearly) 17 year old couldn’t put a picture up on this blog post as an illustration because I couldn’t handle the pictures on GoogleImages. What a wuss! Recently in Psychology in college we watched a video about a man afraid of baked beans and everyone laughed. But I didn’t… I can relate to the absurdity.

But as much as I am afraid (very irrationally) of the singing cats in a childhood Disney film, there is one thing I’m not afraid of. At least not anymore. I’m not afraid of the future. I know that big changes are going to come. That people I love will move into the next world and eventually so will I and people I love will still be here. That in a year and a half I’ll be at university in a different city. It’ll be difficult. The future is unknown. Who knows what’s around the corner. But I’m not afraid anymore. Not like I used to be.

What changed? I learnt that I was loved. I learned about God’s love for me. Know that you are loved too. I know that in the future as I continue to grow, I’ll be able to give out more of God’s love to others. And that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. Know that you are loved. And be open to it, to receive and give and share.

Apparently the Bible says the phrase ‘Do not be afraid’ 365 times. One for every day. Now that’s a nice thought. Don’t be afraid. Emmanuel

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