Harmonious Living

I’ve spent 5 hours studying Oleanna today. Finally! But amongst my study for college I’ve rested, watched many episodes of Black Books, and lost my voice! Though my voice proved rather unnecessary today as I never left the house, except to stand for a few minutes in the sun’s warm light in my back garden before the clouds came creeping back. I spent some time with my maths, with photographs, and with reading too, and opened again Our Sound is Our Wound by Lucy Winkett… (pg 34-35 extract:)

Disharmony is evident too in the lives of men, women and children across the world whose dignity is stripped away by poverty, war, oppression and disease.
In the Church, our sound is our wound when we ignore the dissonance in this aching world; of unemployment, debt, poverty and abuse. Our harmony is not real harmony if it is bland resolution that trivializes the singer and the song. It is a harmony that is made when we listen for the voice that is singing a different part, even one that sounds contrary to the part we are singing. It is a harmony born of an attentiveness to God and to each other that means we will listen and take our rest as well as play and sing the part we have been given. This is the harmony that takes account of the suffering of God’s broken world, and as we listen for that profound song of love, we can invite others to sing.

I watched some of Comic Relief last night and found tears rolling down my cheeks so very many times. Yet so many smiles and cheers came through as well. So many desperate situations. Yet so many people helped. So many people saved. So many given new hope, and many to be helped soon. Millions of pounds raised to help those in need.

Sometimes I look around at England and think, what are we doing? We’re bickering over PlayStations and XBoxs, over Manchester United and Manchester City, over which shoes are best, over which jacket to wear, over what hair-cut to get, whilst thousands, millions are wondering if there’ll be alive in the morning. If they’ll get their next drink or meal, if the disease will reach them, if their child will ever be able to open his/her eyes.

Last night I saw an act of harmonious living, harmonious giving. And as we had Bishop Oscar visiting from Newala this week, harmonious receiving, harmonious sharing. I hope the world can come together in the harmony that Lucy Winkett has reminded me of this afternoon.

We can be so much better. God has given us everything we need to make this world become a heaven on earth. To bring the Kingdom of God. We have to listen to one another, and live with one another. Love one another. To keep living harmoniously. Loving harmoniously. Sharing. For Christ’s sake. He died for us. Let’s make him proud, and live in His light.

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