Lots of things got banned when I was in primary school. Banned from Pokémon card swapping, gambling with pennies and rocks and pebbles, dares, all sorts. Bulldog got banned of course but we all kept inventing new names for it so that we could ‘get away with it’. All seemed like harmless fun. And in a sense it was. None of it was particularly life threatening.

But today I’ve been banned from cooking. A shame; I only got to experimental cooking 1.2. But I’ve been banned. However, this time, I’ve been banned from something for a good reason. I’ve made plenty of jokes about me burning the house down trying to cook, but today I found out I could actually have come incredibly close to doing just that. And dying.

I was asked by my parents last night as we discussed my failed omelettes over dinner, what would you do if the oil in the pan on the hob caught fire? And what was my response? Put water on it.

Oh dear. Did not know that. And I was two marks of an A in Chemistry… don’t know I managed that. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t know that I seem to be supposed to know… like what the Nutcracker is (I found out last Christmas – guessed it was a type of festive peanut) and all sorts of supposedly obvious things. I feel incredibly vulnerable knowing that I could have blown myself up making omelette no.3. What did I learn? Well kids, you know when they always say don’t try this at home on TV? Listen to your teachers… listen to your parents… and don’t copy Matilda who could somehow make omelettes when she was 4, because she was beyond human! See a fire? Run off and call someone.

No more omelettes. My dad is going to start giving me tuition. Banned from kitchens until I know the safety rules? I can handle that. I’d like to stay alive a bit longer… this powerfully reinforces for me the importance of community. To listen to one another, to talk to one another, to teach one another how to live fully (and safely) in the world. Keep sharing with one another. We sure need it.

Watching that video and knowing that I could have blown myself up tomorrow is a pretty big shock to my system. I don’t find myself wondering about the afterlife or the pain of fire, I find myself consumed by knowing about the preciousness of life, of opportunities to come in the future of life as I keep ‘growing up with God’. Makes me want to do more with the time God has given me on this earth. Live more.

I’ve come a long way from cracking open my first egg. Cooking has taught me a lot. But I’ve still not done my analysis of Oleanna…

Back to the pot noodles. Can’t pretend I particularly mind that… 🙂

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