Experimental Cooking #1.2

Lesson 1: Omelettes. Attempt 2…

No pepper, no salt, just eggs and (Red Leicester) cheese. And with Delia guiding me again I made it through a heck of a lot better this time! The whole middle section was still in one piece! I actually had to use a knife as well as a fork! And it actually tasted like an omelette! And a good omelette!

Pleased with it. So it wasn’t perfect. It still does not look particularly like an omelette, and it is only a cheese omelette opposed to having anything in it. And bits of it got burnt whilst bits of egg came through white instead of yellow. But it tasted decent, and it’s definitely progress from last week’s omelette, and looking back I can’t believe I actually ate that! And I look forward now, not just to the laughter involved in hopping around the kitchen listening to music whilst attempting to cook, but to the actual food itself. Definite progress. Worth persevering with it again.

Today’s been filled with music, listening and singing, and moving with a light spring in my step. Parents out in Manchester and I haven’t stopped singing for more than five minutes for about five hours. What will the neighbours think? If they can hear through the walls then I imagine they’ll be sick of hearing my song of the week…

– a Glee cast cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

I still feel like I’m on holiday. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not… but I’m happy. So for now at least, I’m enjoying myself! But perhaps (and hopefully) these cooking experiences will also be useful in teaching me to persevere with analyzing Oleanna…

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