The Importance of I-Spy

I’ve gotten a little stressed this week, and my morning lesson did not go very well. English Lit, with words such as amenable, obeisance, lexis, arbritrary, and all sorts I didn’t know. But coming out of the lesson I was relieved to find the sun was still shining and the sky was still blue.

Photo from Public Domain

I’ve never minded my odd moments of solitude. Sometimes I like to go out in fields or even just streets on my estate or benches dotted around towns and enjoy the peace and quiet of just watching the world, feeling the world around me and inside me.

And so sitting on a brick wall for the first half of my one-hour lunch today on my own, I enjoyed munching on sandwiches, raisins and banana cake, and drinking a banana milkshake whilst the sun moved slowly across the sky above me, and two second-years played acoustic guitar on the lawn, gloriously within hearing distance. It was peaceful, not needing to say anything or do anything but watch and listen.

As the second-half of lunch came, my friend Eddie walked by me, spotted me and came over. A quick chat, and then went together outside the college walls (which are rather taller) and sat with our backs leaning against it, chatting about music and childhood and playing 4 rounds of I-Spy (which one is never too old for). Older than most in Marple at 19, Eddie and I could relate a bit better than the usual crowd, and it was nice to spend the second-half of my lunch with him.

Both halves of my lunch break were great. Half an hour basking in sunlight sat on a wall listening to the music of guitars. Half an hour basking in sunlight sat with my back to a wall listening to the music of communication between me and another.

Lunch-time was always my favourite part of high school life. But now at Marple, I’m thankful that although I’m not on the football field or in the library (yes not a stereotypical mix) with others, I can enjoy some time on my own, and with small numbers, communicating quietly, peacefully, playing I-Spy.

Sometimes I wish things like study breaks and I-Spy and sitting drinking coffee or ribena with friends could last forever. That time could stand still and I’d never have to write another essay on ostracism or the brilliant (I disagree!) use of broken sentences in Oleanna… but there is still time. Every now and then I need to remind myself of the importance of doing both. Finding time for both. And remember too, that we’re here for a reason. And in a few decades, or less if something unforetold happens, comes the eternity of peace. But in God’s time. I’m enjoying my lunch breaks amidst the busy days, but I’ll keep working because it will bring me greater happiness if not now then in the future. For University, for career, for Life. As Prof. Lupin says in Harry Potter 3, “too much of a good thing I think.” While we’re here we need both. Or we end up with neither.

Using our time well is so important. We can learn so much, enjoy so much, and give so much too. I’ll remember what Kahlil Gibran said and attend my next English class with a smile and enthusiasm:
Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
And I’ll also remember that there’ll be plenty more sunny days. But if it’s rainy tomorrow (which wouldn’t surprise me that much) then I’ll remember what I read all those days ago and smile…
there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. 🙂

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