Experimental Cooking #1

I can’t cook. Or rather, I’ve never really cooked before. And those who knew me in Yr 9 food tech lessons will know that my swiss roll was… well let’s say memorable. 🙂 It was named, if I remember rightly, the fallen down tree log cake… and if anyone had taken more than a tiny bite they’d probably have had a heart attack… it was memorable.

I once made a delicious batch of soup which me and a couple of friends had eaten on a grassy lawn outside our old primary school, and as well as making a great iced jam sponge cake at Christmas I succeeded in making countless muffins, bread loaves, bread buns, and pasta with a chicken-stir fry. Those were the good ones. I can still make them well, but for some reason anything past that list or scrambled eggs and beans on toast always ended disastrously. There’s no need to go any further than the swiss roll for a demonstration of that (I wish I had a photograph but I don’t, so maybe one of these days I’ll draw it from memory and put that up here). Although the first time I made myself scrambled eggs I nearly got food poisoning, and I didn’t figure out how to open cans (no joke) until I was 13. And last summer at my friend’s house, Sophie presented me with a peeler, to which with a puzzled expression and a what is this question, I got a tour of ‘utensils r us’.

So basically I figured with about 17 months left before I move away and live on my own, I need to figure out how to make some food. And so today my journey began… with an omelette. Why an omelette? Because I asked my friend Janet what was easy and she suggested an omelette, and said that eggs are a student’s best friend. So why not?

I had a great time with Delia as I merrily whacked everything together in my kitchen, listening to a great music mix I had made on Spotify, and was under the illusion that it was going well. Until… I put it in the pan and started actually cooking it. I guess the plus with pasta and chicken and bread and muffins and microwavable things is that most of that is just waiting around. But omelettes… well…

… yeah that didn’t work out so well. More like scrambled eggs! My cheese omelette with salt + pepper seasoning (kept it simple) was a slightly cheesier version of scrambled eggs, and I had to add more pepper because it was so bland.

So overall, I had fun… but it was rubbish!

What does this have to do with growing up with God I hear you ask. Well… I suppose it’s a lesson of patience and perseverance. I persevered with scrambled eggs many moons ago, calling my nanna at least 3 times in an hour to master it. Like many things in life, we have to work hard to get somewhere good. To produce a brilliant Einaudi piece, you have to first learn to play the piano. To see a beautiful view you must first trek up the mountain. To keep yourself from ill health and boredom and overweight issues, you have to learn how to cook. God gives the potential to do so many great things, and whether big or small, God is there to help us overcome boundaries that seem to hold us back. I’ll make another omelette soon… and as I keep trying, keep learning, I’ll grow. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to make a swiss roll that won’t kill people…

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2 Responses to Experimental Cooking #1

  1. Fiona says:

    I remember the fallen down log tree cake 😛 and the soup!

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