An interesting look at Churchmanship theology… W.H. Vanstone writes in Pgs 108-109 of Love’s Endeavour, Love’s Expense

The Church is not ‘the cause which the Church serves’ or ‘the spirit in which the Church lives’: the Church is the service of that cause and the actualisation of that spirit in words spoken, in bodies in a certain place or posture, in feet walking up a certain hill: in stone placed upon stone to build a Church, in wood carved into the fashion of a Cross: in music composed or practiced, played or sung: in the doing of certain things upon a particular day and the giving up of certain things during a particular season: in the fashioning, out of time and care and skill, of something beautiful, and in the maintaining, out of time and care and labour, of the beauty of it: in the gathering and training of others so that they may contribute to and continue and enlarge the offering: in the going out to others so that they may share the offering: in the struggle of brain and pen to find expression and interpretation for the love of God: in the event of worship which celebrates the love of God: in hands stretched out for receiving of Bread and in lips raised for the touch of Wine. Here, at this level of concrete actuality is the response of recognition to the love of God: here is the work of art, the offering of love, which is the Church.

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