First day of work today, and when Lorna asked me what I’d like to drink I found myself saying “tea please”. Tea? Tea?! Don’t know how that happened… not that it really matters.

Work went well, and I found I liked the tea. I felt rather older this morning, wearing a suit with a hot mug to hand, handling crumbling brown paper records from the 1940s at the same time as making new records for 2011, and hurriedly making various phone-calls on my mobile on the move with a sandwich in the other hand, dodging cars to cross the road and waving at friends from church on the other side.

How time flies… yet even in change, wearing new clothes, drinking new drinks, moving in new environments, there’s one thing that will always be constant. One thing that will never change. That everyone has and will always have. It holds people together, it brings people together, it connects souls, it lifts up the fallen, it brings hope, it breathes life… Love. It’s something to come home to. It’s something to find home for. It’s found in so many ways, in so many places, and even if there’s no-one nearby, you feel the connection between you and them inside. And even if you feel there’s no-one in a moment, and that nobody knows you, even then Love exists, and is the most beautiful kind. The Love from God. Love comes in so many forms. Some make you smile, some make you breathlessly dizzy, some reassure you. But Love is always there, through anything and everything.

Time changes things. We have to move and adapt. But some things will never change. And that’s something worth remembering.

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