Seeing, Feeling & Knowing God

How do we see God in today’s world? is a question I get asked every once in a while. What does God looks like? How we do know God is there?

I could explain the possible futuristic way of seeing God as the stereotypical old man in a white robe with long hair in dazzlingly blinding light as such of that we see in The Simpsons. But I don’t. I think God looks different to us all in that sense of heavenly experience after death, and something I found profoundly moving and true for me was that which I found in The Shack, in which Papa (God) can appear however Papa or the person wants, including in womanly form as a sort of Mama, called again whatever the person feels comfortable with. This idea of the divine parent, the loving one. And Jesus there with Sophia, the Holy Spirit also.

I could speak endlessly of how God as Parent, as Brother, as Spirit, as Strength, as Guide, as Life-giver… etc… loves. But today I found something beautiful that really means something extraordinary, so my own words aren’t quite so necessary tonight.
Dante Alighieri’s words from The Divine Comedy took my breath away as I revisited them this morning, brought a tear to my eyes, and echoed in my mind for the rest of the day. Dante writes that God isn’t just a shocking out-of-this-world vision of golden, holy light, but that most of all, God is… l’amor che move il sole e l’altre stellethe love that moves the sun and the other stars.

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