A Glimpse of A Beautiful Mess

Excerpt from Jaclyn Rae’s wonderful A Beautiful Mess post earlier this week…

I learned that no amount of style, make-up, or conventional attractiveness can mask an ugly heart. Style is cultivating enough confidence to say exactly what you want through your words and appearance. Class is having a heart of genuine kindness, compassion, and appreciation for the creativity of others. Beauty is the bravery to shine a light so bright that others absorb your sunshine and find strength to shine their own.

Take your own ridiculous, quirky traits and hold them close to your heart. These are the things that make you sparkle and shine. No matter how many people try to drag you down, or send you negative messages, keep your head high and your smile bright. You have a unique style and the world is dying to see it. Don’t worry too much about fitting in– you were created to stand out.

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2 Responses to A Glimpse of A Beautiful Mess

  1. leeleegirl4 says:

    First of all, I love how your post is entitled “Beautiful Mess.” I am learning more and more that true beauty comes from God working in us despite our brokenness. Perfect people don’t need help.

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