August Rush… Music

Most of my friends either don’t like it or like the music but not the film. Why? Because they say it’s too cheesy.
But I’ve always loved cheese. A film of laughter, of joy, and demonstrating the truly magnificent connection that music gives us to share with other human beings, and, you could say, with God. It is a film that makes me laugh and sing and moves me to the core every time I watch it. It speaks to the soul. And so I ask all those who deem it to be too ‘cheesy’, to perhaps watch it again, keeping in mind that life can be cheesy, and when it is, things are normally pretty brilliant. And cheesy moments always make you smile! 🙂

Music moves me in so many ways. Through playing, listening, and in the past often dancing, music allows me and all others to find understanding and express themselves in ways that speaking just can’t. As Robin Williams so elegantly puts it:
You know what music is? A harmonic connection between all living beings.
And again, we all have the potential to hear this beauty, but only some of us will listen.

The music is all around us… all you have to do, is listen…

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