I got the wrong bus again today, except this time it was deliberate! For three gorgeous hours I slowly travelled through a section of the park, stopping every now and then to rest and recuperate whilst taking in my surroundings. With a baguette and a bottle of coke in hand on my mini-exploration journey, I delighted in those moments even though I was unable to walk as much as I’d have liked, because it gave me time to pause and sit on benches for a good while listening to the breeze, the birds flying and singing above me, and the ducks quacking at the expense of the little boys throwing bread.

It was a delight to walk amongst geese and ducks and birds I can’t identify (I’m pretty clueless when it comes to wildlife) which were beautiful and fascinating, and to have a couple plodding alongside me for a while until I stooped down and talked to them for a few moments. I looked into the eyes of the dear goose and his/her duck friend and smiled. Perhaps they smiled back. I told them I had to go and they plodded off back to their other friends. I was mightily pleased that at this point they weren’t begging for food (I hadn’t got any)!

Then I, inevitably, got lost in the woods. Only joking. 🙂 I went down a gravel path in Kegg Woods following a sign that said Kegg Pool. Now I’m pretty sure I followed the signs right, but if I did I think it would be more appropriately called Kegg Lake! (see image above.) Now I only had a few minutes here because it was the last place I came to before my slow wander back, but I loved every delicious second. Such tranquility, such peace. Such a serene setting.

On my way back I couldn’t help but natter to God about how thankful I was for this beauty, and for the dear legs I have which, as of yet (chuckle), keep me moving to experience moments like this.

Thanks God. And I encourage all to go out and explore parks both local and far, perhaps as I have done take a trip to Etherow Country Park, and let the calm settle. Let the quiet come. Laugh aloud and shout for joy. Live.

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