The Future of Anglican Communion

Extract from Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction – Mark Chapman

…present disputes point to several different futures for the Communion. First, it is possible that there will be a global realignment of Christians in which pan-Evangelicalism or new progressive alignments will be far more important than Anglicanism. Second, it may be that there will be a far vaguer Anglican body loosely united around a shared history but not necessarily in communion with the see of Canterbury – with the setting up of several global networks (e.g. the Anglican Communion Network) this is certainly feasible. There will be much cross-provincial activity to provide for dissenting congregations. But there is a third possibility that might just keep the Communion together: diversity and comprehensiveness might be at the heart of an Anglicanism that understands itself more as a way of muddling through to the truth than a set of definitive judgements. The desire to listen and to enter into a conversation requires voluntary restraint and self-denial among the different factions. The problem is that in a world which seeks clear decisions and absolute certainties such Christian humility might not any longer be considered a virtue.

Now that’s something to aspire to. The deep realm of magnificent possibility that we could open up for the future of the Anglican Church and Communion if we all did those things in Mark Chapman’s third description.
Diversity and comprehensiveness (meaning broad, with depth). No judgements. To listen to one another. To accept that we do not and cannot know everything. To be humble.
Picture Jesus. He was a Man who spoke to all kinds of people, a big diverse range. He cast no judgements upon anyone. He listened to all people, and loved all people. He embodied so dearly the notion of humility.

Thankyou Mark Chapman. And thankyou God.

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