Why I Started Blogging

Interesting question for post-a-day 2011 today.
Why did I start blogging?

Well I started originally with a Blogger site called Rach’s Blog when I was 15, because two of my friends had got them, one friend who lived in China, and so it was a great way of keeping up communication with one another. I rambled on about YouTube videos and laws I didn’t agree with and general goings-on in life.

As I hit 16 I made a partner blog called Inspirational, where I only allowed myself to post positive, obviously inspiring things which I hoped my friends would also find inspiring. Another friend had made a blog at this point, so again it was great for communication. As the weeks passed by, the blog title changed to Inspiration, Life. And then a few more weeks passed, and it had become Inspiration, Life, God. My posts had become far more theological, and as my writing skills began to develop, I found myself reading more blogs of others, most of which lay on WordPress.

At this point I hitched myself over to WordPress. I still read my friend’s posts on Blogger (although unfortunately they are far less frequent now) and other blogs of people I personally know, and personally don’t, on WordPress. It became a lot easier for me to post and get messages for updates too.

So that’s how I got to Growing up with God. I started blogging for communication, and now I still blog for communication with friends, but also to communicate with those I don’t know personally. I blog to develop my writing skills, to share special moments and stories, to share music, and to have them shared with me. I blog to, as my previous blog intended, share the inspirational moments in life that not only mean something to me as I continue to be “growing up“, but can mean something in numerous other situations and in many other lives. I didn’t have all these reasons in mind back when I started, but the number of reasons to blog keeps growing, as I find more and more delight and meaning in reading other people’s posts and stories, and in sharing my own.

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