Good Reasons

I’ve recently been reading Why There Almost Certainly Is a God by Keith Ward, a response to Prof. Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. An excellent book for my College Religious Studies revision, and far more interesting than re-reading the same notes over and over again!

In the final chapter Ward writes of the theists who believe in God for good reasons. I share with you an extract from it in the hope that you like it too:

They will not be mad or deluded, blindly accepting of any human authority or uncritical of any passing fashion of human thought. They will seek to know the best that can be thought, and aim to imitate it insofar as they can in their own lives. They will be lovers of truth and beauty, and may even feel themselves to be – and may in truth be, as far as humans ever can – beloved of God and sharers in divine immortality. This is the life above all others that humans should live. For if theists are right, it is in the contemplation of truth, beauty and goodness, both in themselves and in all their manifold finite forms, that humanity finds its highest fulfilment and happiness. And that will be humanity’s highest truth – a life fulfilled in the knowledge and love of the supremely beautiful and good reality that theists call God.

It has been an interesting read and a book I imagine I will come back to in a few months time. There have been points that Keith Ward has made where I do not feel right there with him yes, but then it is rare to agree with everything someone says!
A life fulfilled in the knowledge and love of the supremely beautiful and good reality that theists call God is something that I nod my head at, as like Ward I acknowledge that it is indeed one of life’s best qualities.

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One Response to Good Reasons

  1. Paul says:

    so pleased you enjoyed the book, I will get round to reading my copy sometime.


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