Father Alberto

Today this article on a look into celibacy with Fr Alberto stuck out above all the rest on American News:

After the major scandal two years ago when Father Alberto Cutié was caught by the paparazzi kissing and frolicking on a beach with a woman who is now his wife, Ruhamma Canellis, the priest – who switched churches, from the Roman Catholic to the Anglican in order to keep serving God but also have a family – tells his personal story on a newly released book: ‘Dilemma’.

In it, he explains his personal story, his struggle, his moments of pain and disilussion, and how he feels that God wasn’t punishing him for loving a woman, but blessing him to fulfill a personal dream of becoming a father to a a beautiful, healthy girl named Camila Victoria (who he himself will baptize this upcoming Sunday).

Please watch the interview video here to hear what Father Alberto says. It is most definitely worth a watch. You can also read the preface to his book if you want to hear more via the same link.

I admire Father Alberto.
He writes: For a long time, I endured a tug-of-war between something that was good – my love of God – and another thing that was good – my love for the woman I wanted to honour and cherish in marriage. Now I believe that both were given to me by the same God, who is ultimately the source of all love.
I hope that the Roman Catholic Church learn from this. Celibacy should be optional – it is a personal calling from God, and not living in celibacy should not stop people serving in ministry.
Welcome to the Anglican Church Fr Alberto. God Bless.

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2 Responses to Father Alberto

  1. Father Joe says:

    Many things called “love” are not love. Genuine love means fidelity and sacrifice. This priest abandoned his spouse, the Church. He broke his promises for a woman who had broken hers.

    There are goods and there are apparent goods. Goods can become evils if taken to extremes, out of context or misappropriated.

    Celibacy is optional in Roman Catholicism in that one can get married or stay single. Single people have no right to sex or the marital act. Priests of the Western rite are not forced to be ordained or to be celibate. They freely pledge a celibate life as part of this calling in the Church. Those desiring to be married and in Holy Orders can seek out the diaconate. Deacons are largely married and can preach, baptize, perform marriages and take communion to the sick.

    You say that you admire Fr. Cutie, and that is your business, but I set my sights on men of true integrity.

    This man to whom you look up had a secret affair with a married/divorced woman. He has also recently been charged with having a previous unnatural relationship with someone else. He only came forward about his mistress when he was caught on camera. Given time for a retreat and introspection about his hypocrisy, he instead ran off to the local Episcopalian bishop and jumped ship. His real bishop found out by watching the TV news.

    I cannot admire deceit and hypocrisy.

    I cannot admire such utter disrespect to his lawful bishop to whom he had pledged obedience.

    There is nothing of repentance about him. Indeed, his new book attacks the Catholic Church as he tries to rationalize his sins.

    • Rachael Eliz says:

      Father Joe,

      I wish not to argue with you and create a back-and-forth debate, but simply to respond from what I feel within.

      Father Cutie was in love. And as he so rightly said, God is the source of all love. And natural humanity calls so many people into these relationships in marriage. Fr Cutie left because he wanted to be able to love his God and love his wife.

      You say there is nothing of repentance about him, but he had nothing to repent for. He may have lied out of fear of the ways in which so many would see his acting in leaving the Roman Catholic Church, but there is nothing bad at all in his decision to love a woman and love his God. As St Francis said, if your love for a woman will distract you from your love of God, know that you can love both. Ignoring your love for a woman to love God will only make you sad and distracted, and God wants you to be happy and to live in love. You don’t have to be celibate to love God. Celibacy is a personal call.

      Fr Cutie loves his wife and is in a healthy relationship, now with a daughter. He is not sinning in any way. He is loving, and all that is of love, is of God.

      Fr Joe, God is Love. And those who live in love live in God because God lives in them. Fr Joe, Fr Cutie loves his wife, loves the people in his congregation, loves his God. God is Love. And Fr Cutie’s love for his wife is a very genuine love, and it most certainly is good. It is not evil, and it does not have any kind of falseness about it. The love of a man, of a priest, towards his partner, his wife in this case, is completely natural, healthy, and of God.

      Love, is God. God, is Love. Love comes in so many forms. And Fr Alberto Cutie shows us one of those forms. His love is not an evil thing, it is a beautiful thing.

      His book attacks the Roman Catholic Church yes, but with a very fair point.

      And Fr Joe, our Anglican church does not, as you have said, replace truth and morality with a whim of desire. As a Liberal Anglican I recognize the need for love, for openness, for the truth of the joy that Christ brought into every life. His Ruach, his breath in all things. Fr Cutie’s love is truthful, and moral. Fr Cutie’s love was also his desire for his wife. But it is no whim.
      It is Love. Pure, open, Love.

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