Remembering Christmas

The time is coming for me to stop writing about Christmas and start writing about every-day events and perhaps also the coming of our celebration of Epiphany. But as I do so, let us not forget the importance of Christmas in our every day lives. Every day let us remember the most tranquil, beautiful, exquisite entrance of Jesus upon the earth.
I cannot help but divulge once more in Maggi Dawn’s Beginning and Endings as our church year starts again, and our 2010 ends…
…let’s be sure we don’t just close the book on Christmas for another year. If, like Mary, we ponder these things in our hearts throughout the year and throughout our lives, we will give ourselves the chance to discover how to make the love, peace, goodwill and childlike wonder of Christmas a reality in our own lives, in our families, in our communities, and in our world.

We celebrate Christmas on the 25th December each year. On that day we especially remember the day of Jesus’ birth in the world. But as the days role on through Epiphany, Easter, and ordinary time, let us in every moment remember the inspiration that comes in the soft bundle, the immanently dwelling, the child in a manger, Jesus Christ, our Brother, our Saviour, our God.

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