We Have a Dream

Yet another thing came into my life this week to remind me of dreaming, of the future that must and will come one day.

I write vast amounts of poetry on the subject of the future that I hope will shape the world (I’ll share some at some point), and today I came across a poem that sums up all I’ve been trying to say in my writing recently with no need for any further words upon the subject, based upon Martin Luther King Jr’s speech, and written into the form of a poem, a hymn called We Have a Dream by Michael Forster in 1946. I have heard it many times but today as all rose to sing it I heard it’s message like never before.

There was a time when I would sing hymns or perhaps even skim through poetry without taking it in, just hearing the rhythm.
But as I have done countless times over the last few months, and as I have this morning singing We Have a Dream, I am filled with an inspiring knowledge that back in 1946 people wanted what I want, what so many want, and that as time goes on we get closer every day. All we have to do is open our hearts, in this case especially open our ears, and hear the words which have the power to change the world.

I try often to write poetry that would bring the world further into love, but today I share with you not my writing, but the writing of Martin Luther King Jr, and of Michael Forster.
All we have to do, is listen. All we have to do, is love. And I know it isn’t easy, but we must keep going. For ourselves, for one another, for the generations to come. When they look back through the history books upon the coming 2011, let’s hope it can be known as a year where nations turned around, and found true peace. Seems unlikely doesn’t it? That may be so. It may take a very long time, but we mustn’t give up. We do change the world, but in small steps. But in small steps, in charity, in love, we must keep living for the dream that must and will one day become reality.
And do not think that that because it takes a long time we will never experience it. We do experience this heavenly togetherness, however frequently in our lives, when we spend time with our loved ones, or friends of friends, or neighbours, when we love and smile with one another, we experience what will come fully to the earth one day.
We experience the Kingdom of God.

We have a dream: this nation will arise,
and truly live according to its creed,
that all are equal in their makers eyes,
and none shall suffer through another’s greed.

We have a dream that one day we shall see
a world of justice, truth and equity,
where sons of slaves and daughters of the free
will share the banquet of community.

We have a dream of deserts brought to flow’r,
once made infertile by oppression’s heat,
when love and truth shall end oppressive pow’r,
and streams of righteousness and justice meet.

We have a dream; our children shall be free
from judgements based on colour or on race;
free to become whatever they may be,
of their own choosing in the light of grace.

We have a dream that truth will overcome
the fear and anger of our present day;
that black and white will share a common home,
and hand in hand will walk the pilgrim way.

We have a dream; each valley will be raised,
and ev’ry mountain, ev’ry hill brought down;
then shall creation echo perfect praise,
and share God’s glory under freedom’s crown!

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