Take my hand and come walk with me
down towards the enchanting sea.
I’ll run laughing across the sand.
You’ll just smile ’cause you understand.

Watch the sun kiss the rising sea,
trembling sparkles of ecstasy.
Waves break, simmer, and then renew,
just as sometimes a heart can do.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell.

Fragments of all the things you’ve said
smi_le tenderly in my head.
Beaming sun is still trying to
burn the way that I burn for you.

Feel the waves as they fall and rise.
Breathe in deeply and close my eyes.
Let me not ever wake from this
precious moment of perfect bliss.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell.

Stay here with me
down by the sea.

For the others there on that beach
ou_r heaven was out of reach.
They heard only the dolphins’ cries.
We heard music and angels’ sighs.

We gazed out to the horizon,
sea and sky melting into one.
Whispered line where the blue meets blue.
Just as vague as where I meet you.

In the wake of that golden day
mem(o)ries still take my breath away.
I touched heaven when you touched me
down beside the enchanting sea.

I walked the full length of the beach until
I found the most beautiful seashell, for me.

Sunset glows.
Come with me.
One last race
to the sea.

Beautiful music, and beautiful poetry.
When I hear it or read the lyrics I picture heaven, and I picture God walking down the beach with me, smiling as I run and laugh. The day comes for all of us. And of course it will be wonderful to be there. But while we’re still here, lets pull together to form this ‘beach’ on earth. Lets look for beauty and find God with us.

People ask me what the point is of trying so hard here when the most amazing of all places comes in our death and life elsewhere.
Well… why waste it? Why waste the beauty of nature on earth, or the close bonds and relationships between our brothers and sisters… or anything else that springs to mind.
We all have a calling, whatever that may be. We all have purposes, we all have gifts. We are all given blessings known and unknown, remembered and forgotten.
And everyday I thank God for our Messiah, who brought the social vision of peace to earth, and who died for us in his love.
Stick to loving the world, and let’s make our Father proud. Let’s keep living in peace and love, and who knows? Maybe one day there really will be complete harmony here. To experience the Kingdom of God here, in the world which was created for us for reasons (whatever those reasons may be), we must remember that there is so much beauty and love in this world. All we need to do, is open our arms out, and embrace it.
Embrace the air, embrace the trees, embrace our neighbours, embrace those we may see differently.

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all, and is generous to all who call upon him. – Romans 10:12

We are all equal, all nations, all cultures, we are all loved.
Share it.
And we can all find our seashell, and walk down the beach with God.
We can all here the music and angels’ sighs.
Just open your heart.
And keep it open, through all life’s seeming difficulties.
Reach out, and you’ll find that God is always there to hold your hand.
And with one another, with great gifts of friendship, of compassion, of love, we find peace.

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3 Responses to Seashell

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    Where do you find these wonderful songs? (Well, I know you’re going to tell me “YouTube” ! – but how come I never find such amazing stuff? This one absolutely hits the nail on the head, eh?) Thanks for sharing this one, and for your reflections. Both are lovely. FrS x

    • Rachael Eliz says:

      Well…usually Youtube, although sometimes I simply enter a sentence into Google which is in my head and add the word ‘lyrics’ and see what comes up. For example, ‘love is all around us lyrics’ brings up lists of songs to search through!
      I may find music but you find poetry – remember I always ask you a similar question… where do you find these wonderful poems?
      Glad you like it,
      Rachael E x

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