The Same Inside

The Same Inside
Anna Swir

Walking to your place for a love feast
I saw at a street corner
an old beggar woman.

I took her hand,
kissed her delicate cheek,
we talked, she was
the same inside as I am,
from the same kind,
I sensed this instantly
as a dog knows by scent
another dog.

I gave her money.
I could not part from her.
After all, one needs
someone who is close.

And then I no longer knew
why I was walking to your place.

Ahh. Lovely.
The Same Inside.
A wonderful message of love to be shared through all people, even strangers and especially those who feel alone.
We have this wonderful thing inside us which we can share with others, whatever it is you may personally name it.
For a few examples, Charity, Love, Grace, God.
I spoke recently of this dream we have. Of our peace.
This poem amongst so many things in this world has yet again reminded me of the every day importance of opening our eyes to those who seem different to us, to those who we do not know, and for us to love openly.

God Bless,
Rachael Elizabeth

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