This Is How I Know That I Can Swim

Amidst the dark black waves of complications and sadness and despair that hit me with the force to knock me under the water and drown me, I float on the surface and I still find it in me to smile.
Because amidst everything I know that even when I feel completely alone, I know that I am not.
I know that my Father is watching over me and holding my hand, that Christ is cheering me on from the heavens and that the Holy Spirit living in my heart is buoying me up, and keeping me afloat.
And this is how I know that I can swim.
This is how I know that the morning will come, bringing with it light, and the calmness and stillness of a sleeping sea.
A new day dawns.

I wrote this with the mind to remind all those out there who are struggling that they are not alone. Feeling blue? A new day is dawning, and the light will come again brighter than ever. Remember that the darkness cannot win. There are many obstacles in life, but remember that through the crashing waves there is a calm, stilling presence that will come back into our lives.
In fact it will never leave our lives. But when we struggle to see it, when we lose hope and fall down, remember with me that the darkness will never win, and when we have fallen, God’s hand reaches out to help us stand again.

God Bless,
Rachael Elizabeth

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