Snow Prelude No.15

Un paesaggio notturno. Un giardino rischiarato dalla luce della notte. Nel cielo scuro qualche stella, le ombre degli alberi intorno. Alle mie spalle una finestra illuminata. Quello che vedo è familiare e al tempo stesso sconosciuto. È come in un sogno, tutto può succedere.
Nightbook è un percorso, ogni brano è il capitolo di una storia, la sfaccettatura di un prisma, uno sguardo possibile sulle esperienze che appartengono al lato più onirico, più interno di noi stessi, la musica apre delle porte su mondi nascosti. Ascoltandola, ognuno può riuscire a entrare in contatto con le proprie emozioni profonde.

A nocturnal landscape. An illuminated garden from the light of the night. In the dark sky some star, the shadows of the trees around. At my shoulders an illuminated window. What I see is familiar and is at the same time disowned. It is like in a dream, anything can happen.
Nightbook is a distance, every piece is the chapter it of a history, the aspect of a prism, a possible look on the experiences that they belong to the other side, plus inside of same we, music opens of the doors on hidden worlds. Listening to it, everyone can succeed to enter in contact with own deep emotions.

Ludovico Einaudi’s The Snow Prelude No.15 from the album Nightbook
(my favourite part from 1:34-2:15)

I do miss the piano hugely. I no longer have lessons as I cannot afford to pay for them and the piano at my house is a stage one (the keys are a lot harder than usual) and the pedal has broken.
I have my guitar but I do miss the feel of the keys underneath my fingers.
Maybe I’ll try to nick the church piano one weekday!

The song above shows his slight change in style… and yet Ludo is still as amazing as ever.
If you don’t like Ludo which I would be surprised by then get used to him for I am forever putting him on my blog and telling my friends of his pieces… and then playing them to those who will listen!

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