Bishop Willie

What to say about Bishop Willie.
I spoke to him for just two hours this morning, and yet he became one of the people who has spoken most deeply to my inner soul in my whole life. Even though I only met him for a morning, it was one of the most extraordinary meetings and conversations I’ve ever had. And in one day, one morning to speak so profoundly to my inner self… wow!
There have been few other people that have been able to blow me away like that with such few words, but I’ve known them all for quite a while longer now!

Today I’ve really been thinking about love.
When sat in church this morning, as Owen stepped up from The Lighthouse Society and said that all those desperately lost kids needed was someone to love them.
I learnt about the loss of a loved one, precious Kay.
And I saw the couple in front of me holding hands as they prayed.

And then Bishop Willie sang us all the song,
Oh how I love Jesus,
which I’m sure will remain in the minds of all present this morning for some time to come, and has become my ‘Song of The Week’.

And I certainly won’t ever be able to forget the song,
This is the day that the Lord has made,
which he sang on and off for 45 minutes straight!
This is the day to make a change he said.
To let go of everything and love.
He said there was a tale of a man carrying a big duffel bag on his shoulders, and when he came to the cross of Christ, the only way he could walk through was to drop the bag and walk through with nothing.
He said, to follow the Lord you have to be ready to drop everything and just trust and love that he will give you everything you need.
Too right!

He never stopped smiling.
He was always chuckling and chatting away amongst the people… mostly to me this morning but still! A friendly bubbly man is Bishop Willie.
I can’t imagine him with a frown on his face.

Who is Bishop Willie in a sentence?
I’m not sure…
a bubbly cheerful happy chatty smiling laughing singing faithful Christian man maybe!

A lot of good music in church today.
And I’m glad we sang hymn #101 again, Christ’s Is The World. That is definitely one of my favourites.

1. Christ’s is the world in which we move.
Christ’s are the folk we’re summoned to love,
Christ’s is the voice which calls us to care,
and Christ is the One who meets us here.

Refrain: To the lost Christ shows his face;
to the unloved He gives His embrace;
to those who cry in pain or disgrace,
Christ, makes, with His friends, a touching place.

2. Feel for the people we most avoid.
Strange or bereaved or never employed;
fear that their living is all in vain.

3. Feel for the parents who lost their child,
feel for the woman whom men have defiled.
Feel for the baby for whom there’s no breast,
and feel for the weary who find no rest.

4. Feel for the lives by life confused.
Riddled with doubt, in loving abused;
Feel for the lonely heart, conscious of sin,
which longs to be pure but fears to begin.

I’ve learnt some important things about myself this week.
And I still surprise myself even now looking back.
To think I’ve only been baptized 11 months, and yet I seem to have grown so much!
As I’ve said before, every day I look back on yesterday and I’m surprised that I couldn’t imagine the love of God growing inside me anymore. Surely there’s a limit I always think! But there really isn’t.
There is no limit to God’s love.

The Lord is love, and without love, there is no life.
(Sorry to nick your line again Fr Simon, but I think it’s superb!)


Oh and by the way, I’ve stopped studying Revelation for a while… figured now it will be easier for me to stop getting so confused about everyone’s different ideas about death and focus on my own for a bit!

I’m going to give you all a challenge for this week… maybe I’ll make it a regular thing… challenge of the week maybe!
Smile more. ๐Ÿ™‚
Seeing someone smile seems to have such a great affect on people. Smiles are infectious. A candlelight in a black room… which ends up setting fire to the walls… in a good way. ๐Ÿ˜€

I really never know how to end a blog post.
I suppose with a line from the song sung by Bishop Willie it will be impossible for me to forget…

This is the day, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made

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