What Is Beauty?

I was asked the question, what is beauty, and oh golly it was difficult to answer.

What is beauty…

I imagine this is one of the greatest philosophical questions of all time.

Beauty is seen differently through each persons’ eyes.
Some people will gasp the word ‘beautiful’ and stare with admiration at a butterfly soaring past, others at young children, at newborn babies, at puppies, kittens, mice, flowers, trees, sunsets, oceans, beaches, architecture.
And yet then there is also that which is beautiful which is not seen, but found in other ways.
For example, in that of poetry and in music.
Poetry and music are both beautiful, but they are not seen so much as they are heard, they are felt.

Is beauty happiness, love, nature, birth… what is beauty… golly.
What a question.

Beauty. Beauty, beauty, beauty.

But then in all I have talked about so far beauty has only existed in happy moments. So does beauty exist in sadness? Is beauty found where there is loss, despair, doubt? Or is beauty something we can only find in our lives when we are in the light? Therefore is beauty Christ? Christ’s light gives life.
Life with God is therefore beauty.

But there is beauty to be found in the lives of those who do not live in Christ’s light.


Beauty… is felt. Felt in all kinds of ways, through all our senses.

Maybe it is that beauty is really in every moment of our life. In every moment there is life, happiness, love, creation, hope, doubt, sadness, fear, surprise… emotion.
We cannot live emotionless lives, but we can suppress our emotions.
Maybe when one is to be completely at one with oneself, fully at peace, they experience the world of true beauty. A world where we listen to the voice inside ourselves and open our eyes to everything that lies in front of us, all that lies behind us and all that is present.
Life with peace is therefore beauty.

Is beauty like an invisible force in every inch of life, wrapping its tendrons around all that exists? A hand holding yours. Invisible but found in the moments we choose to see it.
Or is beauty in fact something which only appears in certain moments and we always see it when it does?
Is beauty with us always or is beauty only caught in special moments?
Is beauty just beauty, or is there a range of beauty? Small beauty, large beauty, or beauty everywhere?
Is beauty universal and the same for all, or completely unique for every being?

Maybe beauty lives within us. Lives in our hearts. And beauty is not a recognizable force or a spirit or a moment, but an emotion which we bring out of ourselves with feeling and the use of that one adjective, the word itself, beauty.
Therefore beauty is an emotion. A description of… something. A description of… life.

Life is beauty.

And beauty is that which binds moments and lives together. That which makes our spirits rise. Just like God.
If we choose to believe in beauty, if we choose to see beauty, to find beauty in our lives, our spirits rise. As when we choose to believe in God, choose to see God, and to find God in our lives.
Beauty, like God, cannot be looked at it one form, one specific shape.
But beauty, like God, is everywhere. In every moment, in every life, it encompasses our very being.
Beauty, like God, is in all things.

Therefore maybe beauty is in fact God. People don’t always see it immediately as God, and so comes the name beauty.

Beauty is a word which no-one can really define. And yet we all learn what beauty is, what beauty means to us, how we recognize it in our own lives and the lives of others.
We learn what beauty is without ever being told, but by finding it ourselves.

What is beauty?

What is beauty to you?
Have a think.

Yours as ever,
with love and peace always,
Rachael Eliz

I don’t think I’ve ever said one word so much in my life! 😀

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