I’ve been looking back through past pictures of myself when I was younger, and this evening I recollected my dancing years.
I loved dancing, and several years ago I came across someone called Mitch Hewer.
Here are a couple of examples of his dancing:

I was always a pretty big tomboy growing up, making it onto the school football team, and also almost always joining the boys teams in playtime games, swapping with a young boy who was far more girly than most!
It was all good fun, and I remember how often I used to dance.
First it was country dancing, I did it for a full school day in school and loved the music which I listened to on the computer when I got the chance. Very old fashioned stuff!
And then when I got older and into my early teens it was all about sprinting everywhere on the football field and on the basketball courts and it was all about street dancing.
The school clubs were pretty rubbish I must say.
Street dancing to them was always ‘electronic-pop’ which was… awful. Really!

I don’t know why I wanted to street dance so much.
But I used to teach myself Mitch’s moves and dance away. Go out and dance all over the streets, jumping off walls and bouncing off rails. Somewhat difficult for some to picture me doing! That was a long time ago but it was what I used to do!

Street dancing has a bad reputation sometimes. All hoodies and such!

I don’t street dance anymore, I stopped a long time ago. Occasionally I’ll have a go… but it’s not what I do these days.
There was always a little voice inside me saying Waltz!
Kind of a contrast I know… and I still don’t really know how to Waltz. Although I’ve asked every close friend I’ve ever had to teach me and they’ve not known either!

Dancing is so expressive. And if it’s exercised in good ways, I think it’s great.
Remember George Sampson on Britain’s Got Talent?
That was good, and it certainly made him happy for a bit!

I really do hope someone teaches me to waltz soon.
Thinking about it I am going to a Centenary Ball, maybe someone will show me then!

I wonder what kind of dancing God likes best.
I wonder if there are any he disapproves of.
A lot of people I know say that all this electronic stuff is bad and that God won’t like it.
But I think that really what they don’t like is that it is change and that a lot of people wear rather showy clothes.
And I can’t say I don’t agree that the clothes are rather disapproved of sometimes! But hey.
I have such an urge right now to say, ‘we were all there once’.
How old am I again….?
*chuckles* 😀

Love & Peace,
Rachael Eliz

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