Resting with Ludovico

Once again I decided a post that was reasonably short and not too deep was required here!

I am very much in love with Ludovico Einaudi.
Below is the first composition of his I learned to play myself.


Music is magnificent to me.
It’s so expressive, as is poetry.
The power of the written word and the power of the played note!

I have an increasingly busy calendar.
Queues of fortnights for people who want to see me or to talk to me about various matters, and I’m out almost every day – but I have no regrets. I love it. I can’t understand some of my friends on ‘Facebook’ for popping up and stating that they are bored every 5 minutes.
Go out and enjoy your summer! It’ll be over before you know it and then you’ll be bored of working.
Enjoy your time! See people! Do things!
I may be busy but I still always make sure to have some time spare in case I need to do or get something which I have forgotten or there is a sudden need for something, and also for myself and for me and God alone.

It’s been a lovely summer… I shouldn’t say that because I still have a couple of weeks left (I start college on Tuesday the 7th)… but still. It really has.

I hope you like the music above from Einaudi… if not then you know a bit more about me and my interests!

As always,
Rachael Eliz 🙂

P.S. It’s not a random hippo… I Giorni tells a story (translated from Italian) …

An old song from Mali tells the story of a hippopotamus who lived at the meeting point of two rivers, and everyone in a village nearby grew to love.
But one day the hippopotamus was shot by a hunter.
From that day the song is sung to lament the death of a king or a great person, or a regret for the loss of a loved one.

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