Change – Vegetables & Fries

I’d never seen ‘Sister Act’ before, and I have to say I loved it!
It was like nothing I’d ever seen before and I found myself laughing very much!
I thought, how glorious to see so much happiness amongst these people in singing!

Yet I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Maggie Smith as things were changed so much.
At the start of the film the words I’d have used to describe her were words such as, ‘kill-joy‘ and ‘party-pooper‘.

In the middle I started to try putting it into my own life, and realised that if we were to sing like that in worship all the time then worship turns into a show. A party. A concert.
And that’s not good.
In my opinion anyway.
But we do need both! A healthy mix of traditional praise and modern praise.

And yet isn’t that so hard to find these days?
So many of us are fixed in the old ways and cannot accept change.
We’re mind-set into one way of doing things and we shouldn’t be!
It is difficult I’m not saying it isn’t… but it’s something that is going to happen.
If we can’t change with the culture then we’re in trouble.

But that doesn’t mean to say we have to lose all our values, all our ways of worship… it doesn’t mean we have to change everything! Just some things.

Putting change into the context of food I think is probably the easiest way to describe what I am talking about.

We need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables to keep us physically fit and healthy.
But every now and then we treat ourselves to a lovely portion of fries or ice-cream, which is a lovely treat!
We can’t have it too often because then we would become less and less physically fit and less and less healthy, becoming completely out of shape.

So it’s good to have that healthy dose of traditional worship. It keeps us spiritually in tact… we aren’t going to lose control of ourselves. But every now and then we have to have a good bouncy music fest and get on our feet and bang tambourines together… because otherwise we’re going to get so tired of eating up those vegetables we’re growing to grow weak and weary and unable to open our eyes and see that good can come in a trip to MacDonalds every now and then. We’re going to run out of energy and we’ll be seen as the grouchy old men or the corners with the sticks telling all the little children to clear off his lawn!

The younger generation in particular will want to eat fries all the time.
It makes them feel good and it seems a lot more widely available to them… even though when they’re older they realise that they’re ill and have lost control of their bodies.
They seem to have become allergic to vegetables and are filled with regret at not being able to have just treated themselves every now and then so that their bodies and minds were much more active in the future.

And much of the older generation will be eating vegetables all the time and will find it difficult to understand what it is about the fries lovers that makes them feel so good!

We live in a world where currently half of us Christians at war with one another.
And one of the many battles that seem to be commencing is that of Vegetables vs. Fries.

The vegetables might call themselves older and wiser and think that they can win… but the fries are young. The fries are going to live longer.
And if the vegetables don’t show themselves to the fries, mix with them, get along with them, then they’re going to die out and the people who love fries will pass down generations and generations of… genetics of obesity and illness.

The fries don’t know any better. And the vegetables need to connect with them!

We all love fries. And we need to be treated to fries! But we need to eat a lot of vegetables too or out bodies go out of shape.

Putting all of this back into the context of non-edible people… the culture is changing. Let us not be at war and fixed upon keeping our ways… but compromise!

Otherwise… the future is going to be pretty bleak. Especially for my fellow Anglicans.

This is but one battle which seems to be going on and on in Christianity.

As a teenager in this context I’m supposed to be a chip, but I found in the church that I went to that there were a few fries every now and again but that it was mostly vegetables there, and I realised that I was quite different. I was one of the few born as a Weight-watchers spaghetti or something. 🙂
I think that in my church the vegetables, the traditional way of worship is the priority and the fries, the up-beat fun is pushed back. I’m not saying that I dislike the way my church does things, but I think we could do with a few more fries!

I don’t know how long we have left, but looking at the way our current culture in this world is shaping, I’d say the traditional ways will die out and the modern ways will be all there is.
But this is VERY bad from my viewpoint.

Worship should by all means NOT be turned into a… show.
But if we settle down and don’t try anything different, don’t attempt to change, don’t accept that we MUST change, that we must do something… then the world will be over-run by fast-food restaurants and everyone will become ill!

Vegetables nor Fries, traditionalists nor modernists, can survive alone.
We must begin to work in harmony. To praise God in harmony!
Do not be split.
End the battle. End the war!

Peace & Love as always and forever!
Rachael Elizabeth 😛

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