Taking Time – Happiness Video

So often people ask me, how do you find the time do you everything you do? You always seem so busy!

But… I’m not busy. Well I am busy I suppose… but I’m not always working! I mean I almost always have an idea of what I’m going to be doing over the next fortnight… but that’s because I think ahead of what I think will be a good way to spend my time. And out of every day I still have several hours in which I won’t be doing anything in particular… reading, playing/listening to music, walking, watching documentaries, watching a movie.
It’s good sometimes to not have those plans…so sometimes if people ask if I’m doing anything on a certain day I might say yes because I may have planned to simply move around on my own that day and do what I feel.

Often in today’s time people always seem to be so busy. People rush around on their cell phones and are filled with despair when they miss a bus which will come around again in 20 minutes anyway. People rush… when they should be taking time!
Moving more slowly. Taking in surroundings… enjoying life.

Once I was walking through Stockport and I stopped walking. I stopped moving with the crowd and looked around me.
I saw the people rushing past to get somewhere, at the friends laughing, at the couples holding hands and smiling at each other like they were in their own personal world, and at the little twin sisters on the little merry-go-round smiling and chuckling whilst their parents stood together transfixed by them, each with a hand on the buggy, and each with a hand holding one another. I saw the pigeons chasing the closest crumbs, the clouds moving with the sunlight.

I saw a lot in those minutes. And they were beautiful moments.

So often people rush around, and as much as I say this, sometimes even I end up rushing, and someone has to tell me to slow down before I realise I’ve gone on overdrive! But whether someone tells me or I realise myself, getting back to the slower way of moving is good.
Yes we all have things to do, but do you need to run around so much?!!
We have our future in retirement to relax some people may say, but doesn’t time move fast, and what about the present? We don’t want those moments to get lost in the fog!

One person asked me:
How do you find time to post on your blog so often? This month you’ve posted something nearly every day! Are you not too busy?

My life has a lot going on within it, of course it does, but I find posting on here something of a great way to reflect upon my life, to notice the changes in other people’s lives, and to get out a message which people may learn something from.

Sometime over the next few days, or weeks, book an hour of time to do… nothing.
Lives seem sometimes to be overcome by the need to achieve… but you don’t need to always be achieving things. You just need to see things. To be things.

Make sense?
I hope it does!

The video below was made by Ken Marzorati, and the backing music is called ‘Happiness’, by Jonsi and Alex (otherwise known together as Riceboy Sleeps).

I found myself listening to this, watching the images, and finding myself… calmed in a sense.

I hope you like it. Spare the time to watch it… 10 minutes to take time to see… and to listen.

Peace & Love always,
Rachael Eliz

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