Exploring Your Sense Of Calling

Yesterday I wrote about my sense of calling.
Well what about your sense of calling?
Have you found yours?

I’ve found that a lot of people seem to think that being called by God can only mean being called into the ministry. Which I think is a shame… because I believe we are all called by God. Just in different ways.
A lot of people belittle their lives and tend to think that it is those around them who shape lives and not themselves that do this as well. But we all have an impact on one another.

However old you may be, have you found your calling? Did you find it very soon, very late, or are you yet to find it?

It’s very important to know what your qualities are. And I know it took… what seems like a long time to me… to discover what they are. And there may be some still which I have never considered or noticed.
Thinking about the qualities you have can be difficult. So ask people around you.

Take for an example, an accountant. Good with numbers and don’t see how it goes back to God? Well maybe your child or the neighbour’s children can’t get their head around their maths homework. Plus your job is obviously helping the community.
Take a gardener, bringing the life of nature to those around them, the beauty of the world which must be noticed! And maybe there’s an elderly person living on your street that finds it difficult to look after her/his garden. You’ve got great skills, why not help them out? Helping them and giving them that company would I’m sure make them very happy.

I’m writing this because someone told me that they were happy that I was being called by God, and that it had never really happened to them. They were just a follower.

Just a follower? Well yes we are all followers. But don’t phrase yourself as just a follower!
We don’t live in God’s shadow… we live in God’s light.
We are disciples… messengers.
We’re all called to God. Don’t ever think you aren’t!
We’re all God’s children. We’re all called to something. We all have… they’re called different things… gifts, talents, aspirations, purposes.

We all live in his light.
And we’re all called.

You’re called!

Peace and love as always,
Rachael Eliz 🙂

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