Funny how you can write a big long post on avoiding distractions and then go ahead and get distracted by ending up at an out of control party held by a 20 year old in which you wake up freezing cold at 5am after falling asleep on a bouncy castle, surrounded by litter which you hope the parents don’t wake up and see.

And yet with all the running around and the bonfire songs and the star wars lightsaber battles we had with each other (we had a blue and a red lightsaber) it was all so much fun!

Yes there were elements where I look back and say… that went a bit too far. But besides those moments, it was so great.
And we all do need breaks to get together with our friends and have a good old sing-song and sleep over in a different place, best of all outside (but bouncy castles are freezing just to warn you haha).
And I want to re-iterate this!

Fortunately I restrained myself from going to the level that so many there did, and after enjoying myself thoroughly and getting up and breakfasted at 8:30am, everyone else had still not moved from their hungover states at 9:45am when I left, and they remained stuck to the ground with no desire whatsoever to ever get up.

Do not be distracted… but do not be consumed. Enjoy yourself, just don’t forget yourself.
Even when those around you are losing it, don’t you as well… you’ll regret it, not just in the morning, but looking back in the future.

As always,
Peace & Love,
Rachael Eliz

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