Finding Light In Darkness

As my first actual post on WordPress (I’m a convert from Blogger) I thought I’d share something I wrote just this morning, orignally title Pixels, put then changed to Finding Light In Darkness.
My main aim in this blog is to share my journey in growing with Christ, and to find things or tell things that I find inspirational that I hope you do as well.

Jesus is the light of the world.

As I was lying down in bed last night about to go to sleep, I looked around me and noticed that there were little white dots all over the darkness. Tiny tiny tiny little dots like you get in your vision if you stand up to quickly.
But they were all over the place and they didn’t go away.
Whether it’s just my eyes or it happens to everyone I’m not sure, so have a look for me tonight and let me know.
But as I was lying there struggling to see in the darkness and noticing these little dots dancing across my vision, I found myself saying,
It’s like the dark is made of pixels.
Now for those who aren’t very arty or technological a pixel is a dot in an image. On a computer if there is a drawn image on a programme such as Paint, if you zoom in about 700% on the picture you can see that the image is made up of different dots of colour.
And those different dots make the shades in the picture, so that when you zoom out it looks like a complete image and you wouldn’t know they were there. It’s all very clever!
And as I said to myself, the dark is made of pixels, of millions of blurry dots, I reached for the torch on my bedside table.
I thought, if you bring the light back will they go away?
And as I shined the light the dots did go away, and all I could see in that light was the wood of the cupboard I was shining the light on. But there were still dots all around where the light didn’t reach.

So then I started thinking. Whenever we are in the dark, our vision is blurred. And now I’m not just speaking of the night. Whenever we are lost, confused, saddened, in the dark, we need a light to bring us back. To stop our vision blurring so that we may see more clearly again.
And that which brings us out of the world of pixels, the world of darkness, and back into the world of light, is Jesus Christ!
Because Jesus Christ is the light of the world!
When we zoom out of our computer images and take a better look at things, when we shine the torch on our cupboards at night, when we find Christ’s light and let him pour through our hearts, through every inch of our being, we find that everything has been made so much clearer for us, and our vision becomes a perfect vision of joy, happiness, and love.

So the next time you find yourself in darkness, the next time you find your thoughts and your vision blurred, remember that in finding Christ’s light we are all brought back into that love and joy we all need to share and to live in.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world.
Jesus Christ is the light in our lives.

Peace & Love always,
Rachael Eliz

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