A New Reality – Living In God’s Kingdom

Extract from: The Wild Gospel – Alison Morgan

Page 112-115 bits – a new reality – living in God’s Kingdom

Everything Jesus said and did pointed to a new reality. He came not with a manifesto of political reform, but with a new concept of kingdom. He came not with a new ethic, but with a new vision.

First of all, it is an invitation to face up to the harsh realities of life.

Secondly, Jesus invites us to see that this prevailing reality does not come from God – that it is not a desirable reality does not come from God – that it is not a desirable reality, but one that is antithetical to the kingdom and one day will be overturned along with all its advocates.

And then thirdly, Jesus invites his hearers to enter this new world, to live knowing themselves not to be life’s losers, but life’s winners; to allow the new reality to transform their inner lives, to throw away the old mental map and the old pair of spectacles and the old, shattered jigsaw puzzle, and to step outside the parameters of the bubble, ready to start all over again like the children they once were, and embark on the task of building up new identities and viewing life’s problems a different way.

And finally, this is an invitation to live a different way, with new identity and different values, in a world which can take shape only as it begins to take shape within each individual.
An excellent read, highly recommended.
Rachael Eliz
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