My Thoughts On ‘Rev’

The popular series ‘Rev’ shown on BBC Two has now come to an end.
What did you think of it?
As I watched through the episodes I found it quite entertaining, and was glad when he did things right. It was very amusing, but as I came to the last episode, I found myself wanting to turn it off.
Rev Adam stole jaffa cakes from the local shop, got completely drunk and flirted with the local school’s principal, developed tourettes, and generally stopped caring about everything.
It’s a side to a Vicar that few people will ever see in real life. It just doesn’t happen.
To a congregation, Vicar’s are pretty much perfect. And they have to be. Because we all have moments where we feel lost and without hope, and Vicar’s are always smiling and there for you to help you see God again, help you get back into Christ’s light and to find the Spirit again within yourself.
Vicar’s have to be like that, for what good is a Vicar who crumbles in front of you? He/She has to help you when you crumble, and always staying strong to give you hope and strength when you fall. Otherwise people end up thinking, if a Vicar can’t find God in difficult times, what hope do I have?
And seeing Rev Adam Smallbone lose every care made me feel very uncomfortable.
I kept wanting to change the channel but didn’t because I wanted to see him change.
When the painful 25 minutes passed Rev Adam was found by a police officer and taken to see an old woman on her deathbed. He pulled himself together and finally got back on track. Back to being a Vicar.
I found the episode rather painful to watch, but when it got towards the end, I felt much better watching it.
Vicar’s don’t crumble in front of people. But they’ll have their moments just like all of us. We’re only human!
So it opened my eyes a bit. Because… even the best of us can fall. But we can all get back up.
Peace & Love always,
Rachael Eliz
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