Picture from St Michael’s & All Angels Centenary Display
As the Centenary week of St Michaels & All Angels Church draws to an end, I reflect and remember.
I remember the beautiful flowers and crafts which were like nothing I have ever seen before.
It was such a breathtaking display which showed the theme of Faith & Angels so well.
The Sunday service was run by + Robert (the Bishop of Stockport), whose sermon was based on and around the word angelos, which in Ancient Greek, can be translated as angel.
However it can also be translated at messenger.
In this sense, we can all be angels, because we can all be messengers of God.
I met someone who I believed to be an angel of God. It took me a while to figure out what it was about her that was so different, but in the end that was it. She was an angel.
We can all be messengers of our Lord, and I was inspired by + Robert’s sermon to see many things in a more angelic way.
Angelos is a beautiful word.
Angels & Messengers of the Lord, may you continue to spread the Ahava of God.
I’ll start getting back into writing more detailed posts from now on. I’ve been writing a lot but not showing it people, and that’s great for self-discovery but I think I need to start getting some of my thoughts and words out there with you again.
Peace & Love always,
Yours in Christ,
Rachael Eliz
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