Le Bono 2007

Le Bono 2007
Originally uploaded by SimonRobert

There is so much beauty in the world.
I haven’t been where this photograph was taken but I would like to.

But then I’d like to go to many places.
The world is so beautiful, and I can’t get enough of it.

Walking back from church today and I felt so at peace. I walked down streets with my hands brushing the leaves of plants as I walked by, and the sun beamed down at me through the clouds and I kept closing my eyes and lifting my arms out and I simply could not stop smiling.
I knew people were watching me but I didn’t mind if they thought I was strange, because I was just being happy and I hope they saw that.
I went and sat on a bench in the green (which is basically lots of grass with footpaths next to my house), and I sat there music racing through my head and I was throwing my arms out and i was the conductor for the invisible instruments sat on the grass in front of me.
Do not think me as strange. For if you aren’t going to smile and do random things like that you need to live more!
When a woman walked past me with her dog giving me a weird look I didn’t stop smiling, and I’m pretty sure she smiled when she was walking away.

I love how smiles spread like that through people, even complete strangers.

I remember a church service once where Fr Simon said something like, look to the person next to you and look into their eyes and look for Christ in them. After a moment he said, is anybody not smiling? No? Well there it is.
Looking around everyone had the biggest of smiles on their faces.
Oh the peace and love of God is such a gift.

And ok yes I may have babbled on a bit now but don’t I do this in all of my blog posts?
Just posting things that feel great and hopefully spread the love.
Look around at the beauty in the world, in you and me, in the trees, in the rivers, in the sun, in the stars, in the beautiful picture above titled Le Bono 2007, and remember who made it all.

Remember God’s love.

As always readers (yes plural you never know there may be more than just you Fiona who reads this *chuckles*),

Peace, Love
Rachael E.

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