August Rush

I’ve never been able to answer the question:
‘What is your favourite film?’
with one film before.
I’ve always listed several different ones.

But now, I have one.
August Rush.

Today I came back to my house and was in a real mood for music.
I’d been meaning to watch August Rush for a long time, but kept forgetting.
But today I remembered.

I watched it and by the end this film had really impacted me.

I would explain what it’s about but a trailer is usually more effective.

If you love music like I do, you’ll love this film like I do.
Prepare to be buzzing inside, it made me feel so… breathtaken, amazed, happy.

Please watch it, it’s so good.
Here’s a link if you want to watch the parts on YouTube:

Watch it.
Be inspired, or else why are you reading my inspiration blog?!!!

Carpe Diem.

Love. Peace.
Rachael E.

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